Hingham dining room


Although furniture stores can provide valuable information, they are not full-service design sources and are often unable to provide advice on important items like window treatments, surface selection, and lighting. Also, furniture retailers are limited to choosing from only the merchandise that they carry, dramatically restricting potential choices.

My fee is $75/hour for time working on your project.  Once you agree that I’m a good fit for your project, I ask that you maintain a $1,000 retainer, which I bill against.

Where trade discounts are available, I pass them on to my clients.  In a few cases, vendors require wholesale trade agreements, in which case items would be purchased through Quintessential Interiors.

Many clients prefer to use their own reward credit cards for large purchases.

Absolutely. There are many decisions that will have to be made during the building process that affect the functionality, comfort level and look of your home for years to come. Decisions regarding flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting and many other smaller details should be well thought out and consistent with the intended style and design of your home. These permanent fixtures are a considerable portion of your home’s cost. Making the right choices from the start will prevent you from wanting to make expensive changes in the near future.

Good design transcends any particular style. It is the designer’s job to work towards the clients needs and preferences.